I’m trying so hard not to freak out, because that’s my job. But Dante Basco not only knows my name but asks me questions and so does Janet Varney, and she is from the same city as I am.

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I’m just going to comment on everything when I’m tipsy

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"my baby" i say in regards to someone that is older than me and over half a fuckin foot taller than i am

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I made friends at school and was never bullied, and yet I was never fulfilled. On silent nights or on my way home, it would hit me. LONELY. I’m just so lonely, even though I’m loved, so why, why do I feel so lonely?
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every time

I relate so hard arisutaru

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I can’t tell you how much I miss drinking with out being in pain and regretting every sip

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what haircuts tell you about sexuality:

  • straight girls all have long hair
  • lesbians always have short hair
  • bisexuals wear an elegant yet easy to maintain bob
  • asexuals shave their head in the style of the pious monk
  • pansexuals put pans on their head. they put a fucking pan on th
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It’s Saturday, time to part all night, right?

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  • Abusers can do nice things for people they are not abusing.
  • Abusers can do nice things for people that they are abusing.
  • Abusers can otherwise seem like nice, caring, supportive people when they are not actively abusing someone.
  • It does not mean they’re not fucking abusers.
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