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Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.
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motivational ghost buddies!

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Please don’t yell at me. I’m a delicate baby flower and all my petals will fall off if you yell at me. And I will probably cry.

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"oh my god, you’re seriously going to pay college kids $15 an hour to flip burgers? get a real job!"


a real job? you mean, like, an internship at the white house?


okay, well what about the national democratic party?


what about interning at the united nations?


wow damn it’s almost like our economy functions on stealing labour from hardworking young people, regardless of whether their jobs are “real” or not

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that moment when you mess up a word so often it becomes a default auto correct

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I think the reason why the phrase “I’m not like most girls” annoys me so much is because women have been conditioned to feel like they have to disassociate themselves from the female gender to be recognised as an interesting human being and if that isn’t fucked up then I don’t know what is

I think it’s more the feeling of being unique amongst a large mass of beings with very similar traits. And I’ll have you know I’m not like most guys.

It would be great if that was the case, but girls feel like they have to distance themselves from what girls are typically thought of for guys to like them. Guys definitely reiterate that. I can’t tell you how many guys think they are complimenting me by telling me I’m not like other girls. It’s implying that just being a girl is wrong. They want girls who are skinny but then act irritated if they just eat a salad or very little. They want girls who have similar interests, sports, video games, weed, but then they act like you don’t know what you’re talking about when you show you’re interested. It’s hypocritical and obnoxious. It goes with out saying “not all men.”

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